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Our SEO services include different levelsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques used to improve your company’s ranking in Search Engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! When people are searching for information, they normally go to the links on the first page of the search engine, so it is extremely important to be well ranked. People seldom go to ‘page 2-3’ of the search results.

Our SEO services include a process that starts by analyzing and fixing the website, but then continues by applying different strategies to obtain results. We like to work with our clients over time in a long relationship, learning their business and goals, helping them to make money and gain more clients. What are our SEO services and methodologies?

Comprehensive Site Audit

The comprehensive technical site audit digs deep into the website (domain and subdomains); analyzing the on-page optimization, URL conventions, information architecture, robots control protocols, technical issues, link-worthiness, and other factors (sitemap, titles, meta-information, canonicalization of domains, duplications, keywords analysis, server response codes, spam protocols, metrics,…). I have always found many opportunities to improve what is currently being implemented and help increase search engine traffic in addition to giving the user a better experience. It serves as the blueprint for the remaining work within the SEO campaign.

What to expect after the Comprehensive Site Audit? We will deliver a complete printed copy and a PDF file that will cover every aspect of Local SEO. It will be used to create a personalized Plan of Action.

In our SEO services, there are three different levels of audit: basic, advanced and comprehensive. More information is available in our presentation explaining the different audits.

Personalized Plan of Action

After finishing the site audit, a report with a Plan of Action will be delivered. This plan of action will (take out ‘be’) outline changes that need to happen on the website as well as new and improved SEO strategies for the future. Point by point we will follow the Plan of Action and we will apply these changes to each page of the website to improve the rank for the chosen keywords.

What to expect after completing the Plan of Action? Having completed every change on the website and with better SEO strategies in place, the website will start to rank better for the keywords. During this step, we will send different deliverables with a summary of the work that we’re doing.


After the first step of consultancy, maintenance begins. At this point the website is clean with the best SEO strategies, and now it’s necessary to apply different strategies to ensure continued success.

Together, We will study the best strategies for SEO as well as Social Media, SMM, linkbuilding, blogging, communities and digital branding. Depending on the points that you want to focus on, we will be able to define the number of hours that you need and the kind of collaboration that would be best for your company and website. Always directed at making money and getting more clients!