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Pedro Ramirez SEO consulting had the privilege of being asked to participate in the organic search engine optimization of d-hairemoval. D-hairemoval belongs to a big European group (d-beautygroup) with more than 120 stores around the world, which is a reference in the Beauty Industry. When they began their adventure in the United States (in New York City and Miami), they didn’t have a well ranked website on Search Engines or good Digital Marketing strategies.


d-hairemoval wanted to increase their online traffic and the rankings on Search Engines. SEO was a natural tactic that could be used to accomplish this goal, but it was something d-hairemoval had not looked at with any level of seriousness in the past. When d-hairemoval started investigating SEO, their website did not have any type of search engine optimization implemented. Optimizing this archive for search would be a huge task, and d-hairemoval knew it. Pedro Ramirez then explained to d-hairemoval that they would optimize the onsite and offsite website by building a spider for the XML article database. In doing this, Pedro Ramirez SEO Consulting illustrated a level of transparency other SEO providers did not match. This transparency illustrated a willingness to communicate at a deeper level with the client.


The first step with this client was a comprehensive SEO audit and Keywords Analysis where we could find all the problems they had, and allow us to define a plan of action for the future. After finishing the audit we decided that it was a good time to rebuild the website and begin a new one with the best SEO strategies. A quick implementation was very important because they wanted to get more clients through searches. We had to clean and set up the best strategies to start seeing better rankings. We encourage the use of SEO for every single part of the website, to start publishing new and quality content through a blog, to better use the social media networks, to begin a backlinks strategy so they would be recognized on other websites and track the traffic and rankings for the chosen keywords.


With a new website uploaded, the changes arrived quickly. They were ranked on the 21st page on Google and after one week with the new website uploaded they reached the third page. After two more months they were ranking on the first page for one of the most searched keywords in New York City. Within the first three months the daily and monthly traffic had tripled and now they are receiving 20 times more traffic than in the beginning.

Project Details:

Author: Pedro Ramirez


Finished Date: 2013-11-01


Project URL: d-hairemoval website

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