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American Entrepreneurship Today covers the passion of American entrepreneurs in more than 9 states. The website provides news, resources and information about Venture Capital, start-ups and small businesses. When American Entrepreneurship Today contacted PR SEO Consulting, they were looking for a flexible, affordable and communicative company. In fact, PR SEO Consulting was chosen over 3 larger companies. The mission was complicated, but challenging.


This has been one of the most exciting challenges for PR SEO Consulting – to become a network of nine websites (national and eight states), a reference on the Internet and one of the most important platforms of news and information for entrepreneurs. It was difficult in the beginning to understand the business model, the goals and the schedules; but both sides quickly connected and started to change and improve the SEO strategies for the website. Another big challenge was to coordinate with the external development team, working towards a fluent connection allowing faster resolution of tasks. The last step has been to train the team step by step towards the goal of self-sufficiency.


The first step was to provide a comprehensive SEO Audit where both sides could view the current state of the website and identify what parts required fixing and improving. The SEO Audit allowed us to understand where the biggest problems were, so we could start acting immediately. PR SEO Consulting taught the team how to work on different tasks and lead the entire SEO project through changes and coordinate the tasks of the developers.


The first and most evident result was to understand and set up a clear strategy to proceed in the future to optimize changes on the website and achieve better results. The traffic has been increasing month by month, and the editors better understand how to be the SEO for new articles and news. After four months, PR SEO Consulting became the SEO Leader Manager of American Entrepreneurship Today for the upcoming news project.

Project Details:

Author: Pedro Ramirez



Project URL: American Entrepreneurship Today website

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