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Alegra Psicologos is a psychologist’s office located in Spain. They had just opened their office for business and quickly realized that in order to compete in the current huge, competitive marketplace, you must have a presence on the Internet. PR SEO Consulting had the privilege of being their first choice for answers to Social Media problems.


Our first priority was to build a new website which would be competitive on Search Engines, teach the staff at Alegra Psicologos how to add quality content and train them on Social Media. Our first challenge was to build a website with the best strategies for achieving a high ranking on Search Engines quickly with the main keywords. We created quality content which would give them authority in the marketplace and improve traffic on their website. We also trained the staff on Social Media so that they could continue to connect and interact directly with potential and existing customers.


We started building a new website with SEO strategies focusing on keywords to directly improve rankings on Search Engines. We provided them with an Action Plan using SEO strategies. Apart from the website, we trained the staff for a week, teaching them the best Social Media strategies for controlling the most important social networks specific to their business and we taught them how to engage followers in each of these social networks.


After a few weeks, the website started ranking on the first pages of the Search Engines using the main keywords selected. On the social networks they learned how to engage their audience and interact with them. After some weeks, Alegra Psicologos reached more than 500 followers on Facebook, with a high level of interaction.

Project Details:

Author: Pedro Ramirez



Project URL: Alegra Psicologos

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