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What is SEO and why is SEO so important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques used to improve your company's ranking on the website in Google, Bing, Yahoo when people are searching for information. People normally go to the links on the first page of the search engine, so it is very important to be well ranked. People seldom go to 'page 3' of the search results.



Local SEO is turning into a key factor for the search engine ranking of small businesses. People search for the closest places from their smartphones and the Search Engines give them local results. So, it’s important to set up SEO strategies to reach these potential clients.


The first step is to provide a SEO audit. There are three different levels of SEO audits (basic, advanced and comprehensive) and we’ll provide a document analyzing the website to create a Plan of Action. After the audit, we’ll implement the Plan of Action to clean and fix the problems on the website. We will then maintain and work together month by month to come up with new strategies and achieve your goals.


You’ll start seeing results from the first stages of implementation. Every change to improve your website will be focused on getting results. However, the clearest results will come after the first month of maintenance.


SEM and Adwords are good ways to get traffic as well as to sell products. The more traffic you have, the more opportunities you will have to rank your website faster.


We have experience as a consultancy and working with the Internet. We love Marketing as much as we love the Internet. By combining both passions, we work to help companies improve their websites, improve their marketing strategies on the Internet and, of course – make money!


We are always focused on ROI. When we analyze your brand and your company, we look for the best Digital Marketing strategies for you to make money utilizing your digital brand. The more people you reach, the more clients you will sign on.


Your website is you company portfolio on the Internet. When people are looking for information, they always go first to the company website. It is very important to have an easy to use, current and interesting website to engage their attention after the first visit Also, if the website is well designed, with the right techniques, you will rank better on different Search Engines (Google, Bing…) and you will have more visits and reach more potential clients.


Social media is an easy and effective way to connect with potential customers and stay in touch with current ones. It is a way to build a brand on the Internet. With well thought out strategies, even with a small budget, you can improve your company’s results and reach thousands of people.


Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand via the Internet and electronic devices. Digital Marketing applies technology and platform strategies to websites, email, social networks and the accompanying applications.


We can help you to improve your ranking on Search engines and Social Media so that you can better promote your brand and reach more clients. We can either set-up a blog for you, provide content for your blog, or do both. We can launch campaigns on Search Engines and Social Networks. We offer training, website development and travel writing.


Today, people often use the Internet to find everything. These people are all potential clients for your business. If your website is well ranked on Google and your social networks are able to engage people, you will be in the best position to sign on new clients and keep your existing ones.


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